Let’s Make Your WordPress Website Come To Life

Why Choose WordPress?

Popular Content Management System

WordPress is the most popular CMS, which powers 35% of the internet! Lots of big brands use WordPress, such as Playstation, Ted, and UPS to help manage all their content in one place.


WordPress is a secure CMS and can be made even more secure through the use of the many plugins available. Many WordPress sites use plugins like Securi, which is great for protecting your site against malicious attacks.

Mobile Friendly

With over 50% of website visitors coming from mobile devices it is crucial your website looks great to mobile users. Luckily WordPress is very mobile friendly to develop a better user experience.

Affordable Maintenance

WordPress offers low set-up costs and maintenance costs. Thanks to the WordPress admin, updates can all be done and tracked in the same place which ensures you are always up to date with the latest versions.

WordPress Packages

Need something more bespoke? Just let us know!

Get in touch

Alternatively, you can email at louie@digiinflux.com

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Where Are You Based?

We are based in Milton Keynes, UK.

Do You Create E-Commerce Sites?

Yes, we do! We use Shopify to power our e-commerce sites.

What Happens Next?

Once you send us a message about your website requirements, we will get back to you to book a call via Zoom or Skype.

What Hosting Do You Use?

We use SiteGround to host our WordPress websites due to their great website performance and security, along with 24/7 support.

What Email Provider Will You Use For My Business Email?

Google due to their great security and user interface.

I Already Have A Domain?

If you already have a domain then that is great! We will need to access your domain settings to be able to point the domain to your new site.

Or we can transfer the domain to our domain accounts to take care of it all!

Do I Need A Business Email?

A business email is not required but they do look very professional!

If you already have one then that is great news. Just let us know and we will not register you a new one.

Can You Maintain My Website?

We certainly can! 

We will keep your site updated and fully functional for only £25 per month.